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This collection of three cheeses, a salame and crackers gives a delicious glimmer of artisan food culture in the Golden State.

St Pat
Cowgirl Creamery • Petaluma, CA
Our spring seasonal cheese, St Pat, has a distinctive green rind that commemorates the arrival of spring in Marin County. Made with single-source, organic milk from Bivalve Dairy, these rich, creamy wheels are wrapped in wild nettle leaves harvested by Paradise Valley Farm in Bolinas. The resulting cheese is mellow and tangy, with notes of smokey artichoke.

Humboldt Fog Mini
Cypress Grove • Arcata, California
Humboldt Fog is Cypress Grove’s goat signature cheese. Elegant and luscious, this three-week old cheese pays homage to classic French Morbier by running a thin line of grey vegetable ash through its creamy, white center. As Humboldt Fog ages, its subtle tanginess grows more pronounced and a runny edge of thick and delicious ooze begins to develop under the rind and drift to the center of the cheese.

Central Coast Creamery • Paso Robles, California
Located in the beautiful central coast region of California, cheesemaker Reggie Jones specializes in aged cow, sheep and goat’s milk cheeses made from local, hormone-free milk. Made from a blend of cow and goat milks, Seascape is a cheddar-style cheese with a semi-firm, smooth texture. The goat milk lends it a pleasant tanginess, while the cow milk offers undertones of butter and caramel.

Salametto Salame
Fra'Mani Handmade Foods • Berkeley, California
Founded by chef Paul Bertolli, Fra’mani is a culmination of Bertolli’s zeal for authentic handcrafted food, and keeping old world food traditions alive in taste and technique. Salametto is a traditional salame, ground course and garlic scented. It has a rich color, and full flavor.

Cowgirl Creamery Sea Salt & Olive Oil Crackers
Rustic Bakery • Petaluma, CA
These crispy organic flatbread crackers are baked locally especially for Cowgirl Creamery, and make the perfect edible platform for all cheese.

Shipping Policy & Rates

Due to the perishable nature of cheese and our standards for the quality of our cheese, we ship via FedEx Overnight Monday - Wednesday. Please note the selected ship date is an estimated ship date. All orders will arrive within the selected week on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Each cheese collection is boxed and shipped individually. Shipping charges are determined by the weight of the collection. Most of the collections weigh less than 5 pounds and we will ship those anywhere within the Continental United States for a flat rate of $22.  There is an individual charge for each collection that you order. 


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