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Chevoo Collection


CHEVOO • Sonoma, CA

Marinated goat cheese was a staple in Gerard and Susan Tuck’s Australian home for many years, which inspired them to create a unique range of marinated goat cheeses in the United States, drawing on the abundant farmlands of northern California. CHEVOO is made from small cubes of pasteurized goat cheese that is marinated in flavored oil. This collection includes all five CHEVOO cheeses:

Smoked Salt & Rosemary - Delicate chèvre blended with smoked sea salt and cracked pepper, marinated in a rosemary-infused EVOO blend. An accessible and fresh flavor reminiscent of the Pacific coast. (4 oz)

Dill Pollen & Garlic - Silky chèvre blended with locally harvested dill pollen, marinated in a garlic-infused EVOO blend. Subtle highlights that quietly echo the rolling hills of Wine Country.(4 oz)

Urfa Chili & Lemon - Velvety chèvre blended with Aleppo & Urfa chili peppers, marinated in a lemon-infused EVOO blend. A sophisticated mix of heat and citrus, with a hint of old world charm. (4 oz)

Tupelo Honey & Lime - Creamy chèvre gently blended with Tupelo Honey, marinated in a lime-infused EVOO blend. This elegant blend of southern sweetness and fresh citrus will leave you begging for more! (4 oz)

Italian Black Truffle - Black Italian Truffles have been slowly folded through this decadent chèvre to create CHEVOO’s most elegant flavor to date. With a delicate earthiness, this is a cheese that will elevate any dinner party, whether on a cheese board, or as a highlight in your favorite dish. (4 oz)

Shipping Policy & Rates

Due to the perishable nature of cheese and our standards for the quality of our cheese, we ship via FedEx Overnight Monday - Wednesday. Please note the selected ship date is an estimated ship date. All orders will arrive within the selected week on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Each cheese collection is boxed and shipped individually. Shipping charges are determined by the weight of the collection. Most of the collections weigh less than 5 pounds and we will ship those anywhere within the Continental United States for a flat rate of $20.  There is an individual charge for each collection that you order. 


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