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Cowgirl Creamery Deluxe Collection


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Take Cowgirl's classic flavors up a notch. Delivered in a wooden cheese safe with cheese papers, this creamy trio is accompanied by locally baked Cowgirl Creamery olive oil and sea salt crackers.

Mt Tam
Cowgirl Creamery – Petaluma, California
As a respectful nod to the majestic beauty of Mt Tamalpais, located a few miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County, Cowgirl Creamery named its signature cheese Mt Tam. Creamy and elegant, Mt Tam coats your tongue with a rich, buttery flavor that carries an earthy hint of white mushrooms. The triple-cream Mt Tam is made from unblended, organic, single-herd milk from Straus Family Dairy. (8oz)

Pierce Pt
Cowgirl Creamery – Petaluma, CA
Pierce Pt. our seasonal Summer cheese, is made with organic cows milk from John Taverna's Chileno Valley Jersey Dairy. It is washed in an organic white wine and rolled in a mix of field flowers, calendula, chamomile and Thai basil from the Tomales Bay coastal region. The result is a delightful cheese - slightly firm yet sweet and aromatic. (8oz)

Red Hawk
Cowgirl Creamery - Petaluma, California
Named for the Red-tailed Hawk that soars over the dramatic, rolling sweep of the Marin Headlands, Red Hawk is a full-flavored triple-cream cheese made from organic milk provided by the Bivalve Dairy. This rich and enticing cheese is aged six weeks and carefully washed with a salt-water brine that suffuses the rind with a sunset-orange glow and intensifies the cheese's already complex flavors. (10oz)

Cowgirl Sea Salt and Olive Oil Crackers
Rustic Bakery - Novato, California

Cowgirl Wooden Cheese Safe with Cheese Papers
To store the leftovers and to keep cheese fresh.

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