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...Oktoberfest Collection

Whether your favorite brew is an oatmeal stout or a dry cider, we've got the cheeses that will stand up to the Oktoberfest festivities. This collection features a smoked blue, a beer-washed gem, a creamy cheddar and sweet oatcakes to chase it down.

Death & Taxes
Bleating Heart • Tomales, CA
Created by cheesemaker Seana Doughty, Death & Taxes is made from the milk of a single small herd of Jersey cows that live and graze on the rolling pastures of a historic dairy ranch near Tomales Bay. During ripening, the wheels are washed with Moonlight Brewing Company’s Death & Taxes black lager, which encourages a yeasty, yet slightly fruity aroma. The semi-firm, fudge-like paste offers notes of butter, bread and chocolate closer to the rind.

Smokey Blue
Rogue Creamery • Central Point, OR
Rogue Creamery’s cheesemaking roots date back to the 1930s when Tom Vella of the Vella Cheese Factory opened a facility in Southern Oregon in the midst of the Depression. In 2002, Cary Bryant and David Gremmels purchased Rogue and began learning the craft of making great blue cheese. The first-ever smoked blue and now certified organic, Smokey Blue is cold-smoked over smoldering locally-grown hazelnut shells for 16 hours and the result is a cheese of delicious balance: its signature tang is a perfect foil for the caramelized smokiness.

6-Month Cheddar
Shelburne Farms • Lake Champlain, VT
Since 1980, Shelburne Farms has made artisanal, Vermont farmhouse cheddar, using only the raw milk from the farm’s herd of Brown Swiss cows, which graze on grass and clover. Aged for six months, Shelburne’s 6-month cheddar is their youngest, most versatile cheddar and has a supple texture and delicate flavor with notes of butter and fresh cream. This cheddar pairs well with a pale ale or a dry, European-style cider.

Effie's Oatcakes
Effie's Homemade • Hyde Park, MA
Effie’s Oatcake’s use a traditional farmhouse recipe to create their honest simple flavor.

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