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The Great Outdoors Collection

Three hearty, firm cheeses, salami, mustard and a Cowgirl serving board. The perfect treat for your late summer picnic, hike, or camping excursion in the great outdoors.

Dry Jack Special Reserve
Vella Cheese Company – Sonoma, CA
Dry Jack is Vella's version of an original American cheese created in Monterey during the California Gold Rush. It is a hard cheese with a delicately brittle consistency. After being coated in oil and cocoa, the wheels are aged for 18-24 months, and develop texture not unlike Parmigiano, along with a sweet flavor reminiscent of butterscotch.

Cabot Clothbound Cheddar
Cabot Creamery/Cellars at Jasper Hill – Peacham, VT
Cabot Creamery was one of the first co-ops established in Vermont and is now comprised of over 1200 family farms throughout New England and upstate New York. Once separated from the musty cloth wrap, Cabot Cheddar's brilliant peach-colored rind is exposed. Firm and crumbly, the paste is bursting at the seams with notes of roasted cashews and salted caramel. On some occasions, the wheels even bear a certain likeness to the classic savory and sweet flavors found in Parmigiano. With its incredible consistency and snappy bite, Cabot Clothbound Cheddar has garnered many awards and national recognition, making it perhaps the best known cheddar of its kind in the United States.

Goat Gouda
Central Coast Creamery – Paso Robles, California
Located in the beautiful central coastal region of California, cheesemaker Reggie Jones specializes in mixed milk cheeses (cow, goat and sheep) and aged goat milk cheeses. Jones believes in the rich potential of quality milk, and has a mission to introduce the American palate to flavors found in the best cheeses of Europe. This rare Gouda is made from 100% goat milk sourced from a nearby farm. An additional touch of goat cream is added to give it more flavor. Made in small batches with great care and aged for five or more months, the resulting cheese has an opaque color with a hard, thin, natural rind. With a slightly nutty, sweet flavor and a caramel aroma it makes for a wonderful table cheese.

Creminelli Salami
Creminelli – Salt Lake City, Utah
With over 200 years of salami-making in his family, Cristiano Creminelli insists on using traditional Italian methods when crafting his salami. These fine meats are made with organic and natural ingredients and meat from humanely raised animals.

KL Keller – Mustard

Cowgirl Pine Picnic Board

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