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With a beginning like this, who needs the rest of the meal?

Mt Tam
Cowgirl Creamery – Petaluma, California
Creamy and elegant, Mt Tam coats your tongue with a rich buttery flavor that carries an earthy hint of white mushrooms. The triple-cream Mt Tam is made from unblended, organic, single-herd milk from Straus Family Dairy. (8 oz)

Estero Gold Reserve
Valley Ford Cheese Company – Valley Ford, California
This raw milk, natural rind farmstead cheese is aged at least 16 months. It has a rich, buttery flavor and a smooth, firm texture, great for cooking or serving with salami and some crusty bread. (12 oz)

Bellwether Farms – Petaluma, California
Bellwether's newest cheese, Blackstone, is a blend of sheep and cow milk. Its paste is scattered with black peppercorns, giving it a mild boost of spice and its rind is rubbed with ground pepper, rosemary and vegetable ash. The paste offers the characteristic tang of sheep's milk, while the cow's milk offers a caramel sweetness and a rich mouthfeel. (6 oz)

Humboldt Fog Mini
Cypress Grove – Aracata, CA
Elegant and luscious, this cheese pays homage to classic French Morbier by running a thin line of grey vegetable ash through its creamy, white center. (16 oz)

Prosciutto Americano
La Quercia – Norwalk, Iowa
La Quercia products are made with humanely raised, antibiotic free pork, sea salt and organic spices. No sugar, nitrates, or nitrites. (3 oz)

Blue Chair Fruit Preserves
Blue Chair Fruit - Oakland, California
Hand-made jams and marmalades using locally farmed fruit cooked in small batches. (6 oz)

Roasted Almonds
GL Alfieri Farms – Ripon, California
Almonds from the G.L Alfieri Farm. (4 oz)

Tuscan Table Olives
McEvoy Ranch – Petaluma, California
These table olives have a fresh taste and crisp texture. (5.5 oz)

Pan Forte Crostini
Rustic Bakery -- Larkspur, California
Rustic Bakery provides these sweet and crispy crostini. (5 oz)

Cowgirl Creamery Sea Salt & Olive Oil Crackers
Rustic Bakery – Larkspur, California
Organic flatbreads baked locally by husband and wife team, Carol Levally and Josh Harris, who handmake these especially for Cowgirl Creamery. (5 oz)

Shipping Policy & Rates

Due to the perishable nature of cheese and our standards for the quality of our cheese, we ship via FedEx Overnight Monday - Wednesday. Please note the selected ship date is an estimated ship date. All orders will arrive within the selected week on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Each cheese collection is boxed and shipped individually. Shipping charges are determined by the weight of the collection. We will ship this Starter Collection anywhere within the Continental United States for a flat rate of $30.  There is an individual charge for each collection that you order. 


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