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Tomales Bay Deluxe


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ToTaste the terroir of California's wild North Coast.

Mt Tam
Cowgirl Creamery - Petaluma, California
Creamy and elegant, Mt Tam coats your tongue with a rich, buttery flavor that carries an earthy hint of white mushrooms. The triple-cream Mt Tam is made from organic, single-herd milk from Straus Family Dairy. (8oz)

Point Reyes Farmstead Original Blue
Point Reyes Farmstead – Point Reyes, California
The contented cows that produce the milk for this sweet and creamy blue cheese enjoy healthy pastures and spectacular views of the bay. The farm¹s spectacular location surely contributes to the herbal, salty flavors in the cheese. (6oz)

Bellwether Farms – Valley Ford, California
Made entirely from pasteurized Jersey cow milk, Carmody is a firm and golden cheese with a buttery intensity. As it ages, Carmody turns over a sweet caramel undertone. (8oz)

Vally Ford Cheese Company Estero Gold
Valley Ford Cheese Company – Valley Ford, California
Estero Gold is a raw milk, natural rind farmstead cheese. This rich, buttery flavored and smooth, firm textured cheese is great for cooking or serving with salami and some crusty bread.(12oz)

California Crottin
Redwood Hill Farm – Sebastopol, California
California Crottin has a white fluffy paste that has a lemony tang with the very first taste and then mellows into an earthy array of flavors. The rippling folds of the rind are inviting when presented on a cheese plate or with a salad. (3oz)

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